Why should my family consider moving to Cornwall, Ontario

Why should my family consider moving to Cornwall, Ontario?

Located on the border of Canada and the United States, and near the border of the culturally-rich province of Quebec, Cornwall is getting noticed as a great city for families. In 2021, Maclean’s ranked Cornwall #8 on its “Best Communities in Canada” list*. According to the Mayor at the time, Bernadette Clement, “Maclean’s has recognized something that people here have known for a long time – Cornwall is a great place to live!” With a large selection of homes for sale in Cornwall, Ontario, you are sure to find your dream home in a small-town community with big-city amenities.  

Is Cornwall, Ontario a good place to live? 

Cornwall has a lot to offer its residents. If you’re looking for a place to set down roots, Cornwall gives you the opportunity to be part of a growing community. Over the past years, there’s been a shift from manufacturing and textile employment to warehousing and transportation with more and more professionals moving here to work remotely. This has helped give the city new life and bring even more commercial organizations to the city.  

Is Cornwall a good place to raise a family? 

Cornwall is a great place for families. Most children live close enough to their school to walk or bike home for lunch. The teachers are part of the neighbourhoods. There are options for French and English instruction with extracurricular activities, such as sports, culture, and community involvement. With affordable housing prices, families can live in and enjoy owning their own homes. There’s public transportation, arts and culture, and sports to give families plenty of activities to stay busy and to have fun. 

Where are the best places to live in Cornwall for families? 

Cornwall boasts 10 separate neighbourhoods, each with its own distinct atmosphere. Riverdale is often considered one of the best districts for single-family homes with larger-than-most fenced yards. You can even walk to the Benson Center, the main sports complex, and Big Ben, a ski area. Sunrise Acres is another great subdivision for families. It’s a newer established area with larger single-family homes and semi-detached properties adjacent to East Ridge, with brand new home construction. It has easy access to schools and public transportation, but it still has a small-town feel.  

Are there employment options in Cornwall, Ontario? 

The economy in Cornwall is booming. There are plenty of jobs available in the city, ranging from entry-level to management. The economy once relied on industrial jobs, but it’s much more diversified today. The largest supply chain management distribution centre in Canada calls Cornwall home. The Cornwall Business Park makes the area very attractive to companies looking to invest in Eastern Ontario; this month, Cornwall Economic Development announced that the City recently sold another 150 acres in the Park and is extending roads and services to accommodate new development. Cornwall is also ideal for remote workers because it has updated its fibre optic infrastructure to make sure you stay connected. 

Are there good schools in Cornwall, Ontario?  

Cornwall has many great schools throughout the city. There are 25 elementary schools and 6 secondary schools with options for French or English education. The school districts are known for their commitment to learning and providing exceptional instruction. There are also options for higher education in Cornwall, including the Al-Rashid Islamic Institute, the first Islamic school in North America.  

What main attractions offer family fun in Cornwall, Ontario? 

The opportunities in Cornwall are endless: The Benson Centre, a $32-million sports facility with 3 NHL sized rinks, tennis court, field house, and walking track offers a world of activities throughout the year. The St. Lawrence River opens the door to boating, fishing, and all types of water sports. There are also a wealth of arts and cultural events and activities, from music to theatre.  

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*Source: https://choosecornwall.ca/news-english/cornwall-makes-top-ten-in-list-of-best-communities-to-live/ 

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