Keep Your Pets Safe and Comfortable During Your Move

Keep Your Pets Safe and Comfortable During Your Move

Moving can be stressful on people. Imagine how it can feel to a furry family member who doesn’t understand what is happening. If you’re moving, consider how to keep your furbaby safe throughout the process.

Prepare for Moving Your Pet

You want to make sure that you keep the items your pet needs to be comfortable. Prepare a “suitcase” for your pet, just like you would for yourself. If your pets aren’t acclimated to a crate for travel, you may want to start getting them used to it by carrying them around the house and going for short drives before the big move.

Take Care of Pets on Moving Day

When you start moving furniture or boxes, it can scare animals. Put your animals in a quiet room with the door closed so they don’t escape while you have the door open. If you’re doing the moving in one day, ask a friend to keep your pets to make it a little easier on them. Maybe even house them at a pet spa overnight. On the trip to the new home, keep your pet in your car with you to help them feel more comfortable.

Setting in Your Pets At the New House

Do a walkthrough at your new home before letting your pets have free rein. It’s best to put them in one room with their favourite toys and food and water before introducing them to the other rooms. Check the backyard for possible escape routes. Check all the screens and inside doors and windows to make sure there aren’t any places a cat or dog could get out. Look for potential dangers, such as pest-control traps, and nooks where pets might hide. Pet-proof your new house. Give your pet time to adjust to the new place.

Update Pet Information

Find a new vet if you’ve moved too far away from your old one. Update your pet’s microchip information and get new tags. Check the laws in your new neighborhood to see if you need to register your pet with the local municipality. Find a new boarding facility, emergency care center, and dog park. Enjoy your new home with your pet.

Talk to Your Local Real Estate Agent

Your Cornwall real estate agent has a wealth of experience and information that can help your move go more smoothly. I can help you find local professionals if you’re new to the area. Find out how I can help you with all your homebuying or selling needs.

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